Creo created and Pestis destroyed and so was the order of things. What was a moment to them was an age in the land of the living. Creo of the light was clever and placed all her creations in systems so that suns, moons and seasons were stable and flowed with ease. she also created a shrine-like stone body to remember their mother in the garden so that her spirit could rest there and the sisters could visit her and give offerings.
Pestis was the more patient, yet more deadly of the two and it was her job to bring darkness, death, and disease to Creo’s work. She whispered her dark words and beasts fell at her feet. Pestis always did a good job. There was no more a beautiful place than when Pestis touched a realm with night.
The girls would sit in their starry resting place and with a wave of her hand, Creo would stir living creatures into being. Feathers, scales fur…or all three! Creo made the most wonderful beasts. Then it was Pestis’ turn to copy and make better. But she never could. With a wave of her own hand, Pestis’ creations were foul-smelling and began to rot the minute they appeared. Creo would squeal her sunlit laughter at the sight of her sister’s abominations. Pestis liked this game. She knew the gift of creation was not hers, but liked to entertain her sister all the same.
Creo secretly knew this. Sometimes Creo would look at her sister, while she was not watching and weep silently to herself. She loved her so much it was as if she did not want her to exist. Words could not describe. Pestis was her world. But she could never tell her this. Pestis was fearless and a sometimes troublesome girl. She had no care for soft words when there were whole realms to undo…

3 Responses to “Ni”

  1. 1 Ultra Toast Mosha God February 15, 2006 at 3:48 pm

    I sense a painful conflict manifesting itself in the near/far future

  2. 2 Okami February 15, 2006 at 5:53 pm

    When this glorious fable is complete, do we get to be enlightened as to where it originated?

  3. 3 LMizzle February 16, 2006 at 1:37 am

    Ultra: How intuitive! you are a smart reader!

    Okami: Yes, sadly this isn’t my work, I just think this is a beautiful story, but I will absolutely enlighten after it’s done!

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