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On a plane not so far away was Origo. Origo was the beginning before there were beginnings. She was the universe before it was called the universe and matter before it was called that. There was nothing for her to do but be. From her smallest movements suns came to life and died in an instant. Whole cosmos stirred out of her nothingness and systems of stars created themselves and dissapeared as fast as they came. Not one thing stayed still. Origo was a beautiful being that was unstable. Always stirring. Always changing.
Two small balls of fire grew in the void of Origo’s belly. And from her self, two beings, two twin girls, were born. She named them Creo and Pestis.
Origo knew that her slightest movements made things come into being and this needed to be controlled so she gave her powers as gifts to her fiery children.
“For you Pestis, I give you the gift to end all things. Lands and and kingdoms perish at your will. Living creatures die silent deaths when you whisper to them. Creo of the light, you will have the gift of bringing life. From your hands, worlds and the things that live in them will be made.”
The infants sat quietly. Their bodies were on fire. Their minds were still forming as they listened to their mother. “Creo, everything will live in its own time. When their time is done Pestis, they will cease to be. And so will be the order of things. The dark and the light. One cannot live without the other. One must not become the other. One must not know the secrets of the other. My daughters, I say to you: use these gifts with care. Following these words will bring harmony but chaos will proceed if you do not.”
Origo stirred and swirled again. Land grew inside her and a vast garden-like nursery appeared for the infants to rest their heads. Origo’s former self passed on but her spirit remained and would be bound to the earth her daughters would create.
The twin girls grew into powerful things. The universe became their playground…


February 2006
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