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Home Sweet…Home?

I’m on a mission. My mission? To rent the most beautiful apartment in the history of apartments with Steve. We worked for an hour last night to fill out our rental applications and make them as shiny and nice as you can get with ink and paper.
I spoke with the landlord today and she expressed that her only concern is that we haven’t lived together before.
After much discussion with Steve and my family, I called her back to explain that if something should happen, I have three people willing to co-sign on the lease to cover Steve’s portion of the rent for the remainder of the term of the lease. Though she said this was a good thing, she explained that she’s not concerned about that, it’s more that people don’t really know each other until they live together and find their habits out. I threw in that I had lived with Steve over the summer, which seemed to go over well.
She said she had to discuss our application with her partner and then would get back to us by Monday.

Everyone PLEASE think extra special happy apartment thoughts for Steve and I this weekend, because if we get it you can all come over for a sweet party!

Ebay + LMizzle = Awesome Party Time

Ah yes, today was a glorious day. I received my beloved and ebay death match fought for Animula today! It only took four days to ship her to me, which is pretty much the fastest I’ve seen. Fantastic! My collection grows…

Now to wait for the others to arrive…

On a delightful note, I get to spend tomorrow in the baby ward!

Limited Time Offer!!!!

For $5 more he’ll “smooth out the wrinkles”….

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