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Who wants to seeSteve R. naked?!?!

Fart light, fart bright, was that a fart I heard tonight?!

Sometimes I have a grand appreciation for the people in my faculty. Tonight was one of those nights.

I managed to get somewhat lost downtown last night on my search for the Herland Film Festival office. I was trying to get to this building because a long-time friend is the Executive Director and has allowed me to volunteer as a marketer for the Herland Film Festival.Herland is an annual, non-competitive festival featuring women media artists from across Canada and abroad, so I’m really excited to be a part of this organization! Since I got lost, I had to talk to Tamrin outside of class on a break. I stopped her in the hall while I was standing with Steve R and my other friend, Eric. Eric has become famous in the faculty for farting loudly last year during a law lecture, much to the surprise and delight of his classmates (the professor just blushed). Eric revitalized his title this evening while I was talking to Tamrin. As I was discussing what target markets I’m going to be working with, we all hear it….


None of us flinch. We all continue as if nothing happened. Then Eric heads for the bathroom and Steve and I (because we act like we’re 6 during times like this) burst into a fit of laughter over Eric’s amazing flatulent display. As we all head back to class, Steve and I are still engrossed in a fit of laughter. Steve makes some comment about gas and Eric proceeds to yell, “Hey, I didn’t fart in the bathroom, it was the guy on the toilet!!!” Apparently someone had farted in the bathroom and Eric thought we were laughing at that. When we told him we obviously heard him fart in the hall, he explained, “Gee, I only do that around you guys…”

This wasn’t the end of this stinky tale though. As a classmate presented her case study, we were all listening attentively UNTIL…


Instantly, Steve and I are questioning whether we heard correctly. Had eric just gone for the deuce in the middle of class?!


We now believe that every time Eric farts, an angel gets its wings. My friends, tonight not one, but two lucky fart angels got their wings and flew away.

This faculty is the best.

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