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Ebay, you will be the death of me

I’ve been buying stuff off of ebay for a few years now. I think about four or five years. I don’t know what the first thing I bought was, probably a button or something, but I revive my addiction from time to time. Don’t worry, I’ve only bought 15 things from ebay, and 14 I have received. The other item never came and I had to harass the seller to give me my money back, after they claimed they were in the hospital and were too sick to give me a refund. I think the most expensive item I’ve bough was $85 from Japan. Not bad.

I just won an auction 15 minutes ago actually! After searching the stores to find another of my infamous Little Apple Dolls, I turned to ebay. There was my favorite and most-wanted Apple Doll, Animula! Something happens when I get on ebay. My mouth starts to foam and I turn into an evil bidding master. There’s something about getting into a bidding war with someone that I both love and hate! This situation happened with the doll I just won. I must have bid $10 for the doll, when the other person started a great war with me. I absolutely hate being beaten at bidding! The person I’m up against becomes my most hated enemy, and it’s my job to destroy them!!! How did I win this auction, you may be asking…
Well, yesterday I engaged in an hour-long battle with this person over the doll. I kept checking my bids and that bastard kept beating me by $0.50! Grrrr. I suddenly realized that hey, this person is bidding from the UK, and will be in bed tomorrow when the auction ends, all i have to do is stop bidding and I’ll put up my last bid tomorrow when they’re asleep! Muahahahaha.
So, I bid at 1pm and successfully won Animula at 2:30! The victory tastes so so sweet.

Steve R., Part Deux

Due to a few people commenting that my likeness of Steve R. looked like Ellen Degeneres, I have re-vamped, and re-masculinated (that’s right, I made up a word) my cartoon Steve.

Besides, everyone needs a likeness of Ellen in their files.


Let me take this opportunity to dance and shout because as of today I’ve paid off ALL of my car debt! I payed for the van I bumped to be fixed, I paid for a speeding ticket I got the day before my accident, and I have officially paid off everything I owe on my car!

DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Except for my credit card…hahaha, but that’s just xmas gifts and such.


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