It’s Raining Men

I have finally seen Brokeback Mountain. The verdict? Ang Lee really makes a statement with this film. It’s a beautiful movie. Seeing the mountains reminded me of how lucky I am to live in this province, hell in this city. The sky shots re-inforced how beautiful our sunrises, afternoons, and evenings can be.
As for the story, I’d say it’s about time something like this came out. I think if the same plot had been applied to an affair between a man and a woman, this movie wouldn’t be making a tenth of what it has been. It’s a really simple story, and I think Ang Lee did this on purpose, because I don’t think audiences could handle a tough and gritty plot while watching Heath Ledger make out with Jake Gyllenhaal.
Which brings me to my main point:
Why in the hell would you go see this movie if you weren’t expecting to see gay sex?! I lost count of the number of times people chuckled during this film. There were a few funny parts, parts that were MEANT to be humorous, but when two men are making love and I hear 10 people laughing, I wonder if I’ve been teleported back to a grade 3 lecture on sex. Men and women do it. Women and women do it. Why can’t the population seem to grasp that indeed, men and men do it too? Lots of people have said it was “too much” for them and that “it made me feel uncomfortable.” We seem to all too easily forget that film, just like theatre or painting, is ART. And what should good art do? It should coax a reaction out of the viewer. I say it’s a good thing that this movie is bringing forth such debate, but I have been wondering since I saw it last night, why are people going to see a gay cowboy movie if they couldn’t handle homosexual moments?
I think it’s about time someone put this on the big screen. It really wasn’t that long ago that sex first worked its way into film and stirred a great controversy. Hell, a gun pointing out at the viewer provoked a great reaction to early film viewers!
I give my grandest kudos to Heath and Jake for taking this movie on. I think this movie will be a historic marker in cinema.

On a more humorous note I’d like to give a public service announcement to all those who have yet to see the film. You see Heath Ledger’s penis in this movie. I’m not kidding. There’s a point where Heath and Jake jump off a cliff into a lake together (naked, of course) and Heath somehow has such a behemoth member that you see it flying joyously through the air with him on his fall into the water. Like I said in a previous conversation, it’s really only a 50% victory for me, because if I’m going to want to see anyone’s “situation” in this movie, my vote would have been for Jake.

*single tear*

In other homosexual news, I also went to see Capote this weekend. Also a really good film. In fact, I have only seen really great films over the past two weeks, which is pretty rad. I went into this movie knowing NOTHING about Capote…no idea who he was, what he did, and so on. I left knowing that this devious homosexual wrote one of my favorite stories, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and that he wrote the groundbreaking, non-fiction novel, “In Cold Blood.” Hoffman does an excellent job in this film.

2 Responses to “It’s Raining Men”

  1. 1 tjam January 23, 2006 at 2:55 am

    I totally stand by my “too much for me” comment. I did go to this movie prepared to see homosexual love sceens and i was unprepared for my own reaction to the kissing scenes between the two fabulous lead actors. I was more prepared to see the actual sex act than the moments of tender/rough kissing between the two men. I think we have been so saturated by every combination of love except man/man that it was a different experience for me to watch this, which as you say is the whole point of good art. To make you think and evoke feelings that you might not have had otherwise. I’m gonna compare it to when you’re on your way home and you know that your stepfather is going to be sitting on the couch with no pants on, and when you get home that is indeed the case. You were prepared for it but it makes you kind of uncomfortable none the less.
    It was a beautiful movie and a great love story and i did enjoy it (and your sassy company) immensly so na, na, na na na.

  2. 2 Okami January 23, 2006 at 3:51 pm

    I’m proud to say that I had friends who worked on the set of this film, and who came away from the experience in their own words “better human beings for it”.

    And you are exactly right about how good films, and even some not-so-good films are all meant to invoke reaction in the audience. Good, bad, indifferent – it doesn’t matter. So long as you come away from the experience with a point of view that you may not have gone in with, I think that art has fulfilled its purpose.

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