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Let’s Talk About Animals-Week One: The Octopus

Since the penguin disaster, I feel compelled to enlighten everyone to some fantastical animal facts. From time to time, when I find an interesting fact about an animal, I’ll share it with all of you. Also, if you know something bizarre or gross about an animal, please share!

To celebrate the fact that I have eaten one of these, let us begin with THE OCTOPUS!

Just inside the opening there is a beak, like a parrot’s beak. It is very hard and very sharp. Because octopuses like to eat things with shells, like crabs, lobsters and clams, it needs a very sharp beak to break open their shells.

Okay, but last time I checked, creatures from the sea didn’t have bird mouths…WTF?

Penguins: Part Deux

So my sister was watching an animal show with my neice today…the topic: PENGUINS. At the end there was a quiz, where Diego, the host asked the famous question, “Do penguins have fur or feathers?”

My neice: “FEATHERS!”

My sister: “Very good! Even grandma can’t get that one!”

Dear School,

I thought in the beginning that I would not miss you. You and I haven’t had the nicest relationship since the summer, though I did manage to blow straight As past you last semester. I realized last night as members of my faculty introduced themselves YET AGAIN to each other (isn’t 3 years of intros enough???) that I was a little sad. This would be the last “first week” of school we would all have together. It’s the last time we all have to listen to our intoductions about who we are and what brought us here. It’s sad that I won’t see a lot of these people ever again, but I am happy I get the next 4 months.

Also, school, I would like to complain about the ridiculous cost of your books. Why must you use us as mere pawns to sell the 2nd. edition of your textbooks that only have a word or two changed?! Why must we shell out $120 for a 200 page book about stuff we aren’t going to absorb? I could by buying end tables for my apartment, but no; I am doomed to lose over $100 on an online textbook. Why must we all pay for the copywright?! I thought the internet was free, but she is a cruel mistress with hidden fees.

School, I will be back in a year to take TESOL, and hopefully become an ESL teacher. I would like my dream to work out so please see that I am one of fifteen students accepted into the program in the fall next year.

I am glad we have come to the agreement that I will only take 3 classes this semester, because that’s all I have left. Thanks be to my first few years of not knowing what the crap I was doing at this school, because it was the classes I was taking then that allow me my freedom now.

In conclusion, I will miss the people, but not really you, dear school, for I think the greatest things I’ll take from you are friendships and the knowledge that my grades aren’t everything.

Thank you,


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