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"Penguins don’t have fur!"

Can you believe that the above statement was something that had to be revealed to my mother at our New Years Day dinner just a few short hours ago? Her and my step-dad watched March of the Penguins last night for New Years Eve and there were parts where the feathers of the bird looked like fur because it was so fluffy. As my mom discusses how se can’t believe that penguins could grow fur, my boyfriend generously offers his knowledge to help clear the confusion:

“Penguins don’t have fur…”

That’s right folks! Did you know that birds, in fact, do NOT have the ability to grow fur?!

On another note, New Years Eve was an absolute delight. After spending the night at work, I drove to The Drum & Monkey to meet Steve and friends. I rang in 2006 with Jesse, Ben, Ben’s girlfriend, and one of Jesse’s friends. I then proceeded to usher mmy drunken partiers to my vehicle, where I jammed to many people into my car, reminding me of several high school escapades. We stopped at quite possibly the most disgusting pizza and samosas that were ever invented. I think Ben’s observation that “this pizza is so bad it makes baby Jesus cry” really captured the culinary talents of the chef.

We all ended up at Dan’s house for a friendly, yet extremely competitive game of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. Excellent times. I enjoyed how many hugs and good wishes were exchanged. Absolutely delightful times.

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