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Pretty much the best photo ever taken…

I know these little buggers appeared in a previous adventure-post, but I finally managed to get this fantastic picture uploaded that Steve took!

Bustin’ out some Xmas Cheer

Despite my tired nature currently (I got up at 4am this morning for work!), I am in a really good mood. Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s getting to see old friends again, maybe it’s the delicious cheese I ate yesterday…who knows. All I know is, I am in a lovely, sleepy, happy daze.

I did, however, see a man absolutely FREAK OUT in the emergency room today. Part of me thought, well…hospital ERs are notoriously slow and handling patients, so just calm the crap down; another part of me felt sorry for this man and the fact that he had to wait so long to be seen. I’ll never know why he was there, or how long he was really waiting. Maybe he was an ass, or maybe he was at his most human.

My mom and step-dad are leaving on Xmas eve to go spend Xmas with my step-dad’s family. They asked when I’d open my gifts (in a tone denoting a deep concern for my Christmas well-being).

“Uhhh, I dunno, it doesn’t matter really, I’ll get to them eventually.”

When really,

I’m going to bust open the gifts at my first opportunity!

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