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As I was putting away supplies the other day at work, something caught my ear. Something tickled the inside of my eardrum and coaxed it to attention. There was a short plane ticket sale at WestJet, and the sale was on a ticket I needed to buy. I quickly remembered this the next day as I travelled the great, wide space we call the internet. I check and YES INDEED the sale has been sent from the Gods, for I was in need of a return trip to Vancouver over the reading break next semester, and jolly times the sale was for exactly THAT. I bought a trip to Vancouver for half price!

After years of yearning, I will finally get to go to the Big V. For a long time friends have told me that I will fall in love with Vancouver, and now I will go on an adventure/quest to see if they are right. This city boasts one of the largest Chinatown’s in North America, second only to San Fransisco (which I have been to!).
Let me rejoice at how excited I am to be going on a vacation!
Okay, I’m sure some of you who read this are going to say, “Hey dudesky, I have been to Vancouver like 100 times. It’s okay.”

To you I say, “Shove it.”

This will also be only the third time I will have been on a plane. Airplanes aren’t my favorite thing in the world, but a half hour of travel in the air is a small price to pay for an awesome adventure to see my awesome pal, Xrayeagle, and the sweet city he lives in!

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