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There’s nothing quite like more sleep than you had planned…

I slept in today! Luckily, I got to work 15 minutes after the dude I work with called me, looking gross and being all un-showered. Who really cares what the crap you look like at a hospital? There’s certainly a lot of people worse off…
Then the chick who was doing the mi shift called in sick, which meant I had to do not only all of my stuff, but half of what her shift would do as well.
I finish all my crap and this other dude comes into work at 2.

“Why the shit are there all these boxes?”

“The other girl is sick, you have to put that stuff away.”


He then proceeded to have a hissy fit and try to get Deputy Dog to put the extra stuff away.


Seriously, I had the busiest shift today, and this other dude has MAYBE 3 hours of work to do in 8 hours. CRY ME A RIVER.


An old woman who I think had dementia asked me to get her a knife today because she was mad at the nurses. She couldn’t even get out of the wheelchair she was in! She then proceeded to ask a doctor, a nurse, and a janitor for a knife to cut people with. Part of me was freaked out, part of me wanted to see what the hell she’d actually accomplish with a knife, and part of me wondered if there really was anything wrong with her…maybe she was just THAT angry.

I also saw a REALLY sick baby (no more than 3 months old) go into the emergency room. It had the most horrible cough I’ve heard. That was the most craptastic part of my day.

My body hurts and I am probably stinky…

Time to hit the showers!

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