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Giftmas Shenannigans

It’s already December, and GUESS WHAT?! I am done my Christmas shopping. I am a Giftmas Master Blackbelt X1000. I am also 75% done my wrapping, which is some kind of Christmas miracle not to be understood.

While we’re speaking in terms of miracles, let me astound the masses with the news that my mother has actually managed to get the Christmas crap up at a reasonable time this year! Hurrah! I rummaged through what little Christmas stuff I have and have decorated my room to the maximum level of awesomeness.
What a glorious day to begin wrapping. I missed all of the Xmas fun that comes with wrapping mounds of presents:
*wrapping extremely stupidly-shaped gifts (thank goodness for books being rectangles!)
*losing the scissors
*getting tape stuck to the wrong portion of the wrapping paper, then attempting to make it look like you MEANT to do it…
*using right-handed scissors to cut wrapping paper (quite the task for a south paw!)
*using the cardboard roll from the finished wrapping paper as either a sword or light sabre
*realizing you have stuck the wrong To: and From: sticker on the wrong gift
*dropping presents as you try to bring them to the tree

Ahhh, it is indeed December.

On a delightful note, I managed to find LEOPARD PRINT wrapping paper. SWEEEEEEEEET.

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