Nothing but Nothing

I realized today at 1pm that I actually hadn’t eaten anything yet today…how lame. I noticed this when I became particularly irritable and tired for no real reason. How did I solve my dehydration and hunger? With WENDY’S! Okay, probably not my best of choices, but I needed a quick food fix, and frankly, McDonald’s really grosses me out.
You know, for a really busy next few weeks coming up, I am really apathetic to the whole semester. I’m getting papers back and I’m not looking at the grades, I’m presenting with only a few days of work on projects…I think it’s about time I was done this degree. After going to this school for 5 years, I’m pretty much done with nonprofit. I’m ready to try something else.
I do have a month of time off to look forward to this semester because I have no finals! I’m gonna try and make some mad cash to pay off my car.
So, as we can all see by my post, I pretty much have nothing interesting to say. I feel sort of funny today, which I am so far equating to the severe lack of food I’ve ingested today. I’m not even sure I’ve eaten a vegetable…
Aside from my boring existence as of late, I’d like to complain that I can’t find the effing gift that I want to get Mike for Christmas ANYWHERE. Of course, I can’t say what the gift is on here (can’t ruin the surprise), but I CAN say that this item, in theory, should be fairly easy to get. This has indeed not been the case. I am stuck going from store to store trying to ask anyone I can if they’ve seen the item I’m looking for. Nothing. Seriously, what the crap?!

So, anyone got any good ideas on how I can raise my energy level?! I’m freakin’ dying over here!

2 Responses to “Nothing but Nothing”

  1. 1 Lorkeet November 24, 2005 at 9:46 pm

    Drink a V8!

  2. 2 Squiggle November 25, 2005 at 9:50 am

    That’s what you get for doing your shopping early.

    Give it a week, you know all X-mas shopping should be done in December.

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