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If I could turn back time…

I probably wouldn’t have shown up for work AN HOUR EARLY because I forgot to change my clocks. FUCK. That’s right. I got up at 4am today and showed up for work at 5am. I wasn’t supposed to start until 6am. I realized I was a dumbass when I got to the doors and they were locked. “WTF? The doors are only locked until 5….OH MY GOD, I FORGOT TO SET MY CLOCK BACK!!!” I drove home and layed on my couch for 45 minutes. Damnit, I didn’t even really get the extra hour.
Today I didn’t really see anything interesting at work, though I met a delightful doctor (and by delightful, I mean he’s all about the ladies, and was extra nice to me so that I would bring him up a special delivery of cardboard.)
I did, however, see something totally bizarre on the way home. I was just thinking how nothing out of the ordinary had happened at work when I see a man RIDING A HORSE OVER A PEDESTRIAN OVERPASS. WTF?! First, where the shit did this guy get a horse in the middle of a city, and second, who is stupid enough to ride said horse over an overpass?! the horse got spooked and started backing up and all I could think was, “He is SO effed if that horse freaks out, he’s totally going to fall straight into traffic.” As far as I could tell the horse backed right down the overpass.
What a stupid idiot.

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