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Drowning in the beauty of my dreams

I really don’t like when it’s dark for a long time. School starts and it gets dark out, all the leaves fall off the trees and next thing you know, it’s midterms! Blah! I was supposed to get up at 6:50am this morning, but because it was dark I was laying there another 20 minutes. This time of year really makes me hellishly sleepy, and I’m getting the right amount of sleep! How many damn hours is enough for me?! Argh.
Anyhow, I had a really wicked/crazy/awesome dream last night. I dreampt something about being on a beach. Probably what it would look like to go o Vancouver and sit on the sand. I guess it turned into a movie theatre, sort of like an IMAX, and everyone is running to these “good seats.” The waves are getting HUGE and are smashing all around and next thing you know a huge title wave smashes over everyone. I think this is amazing since I am in a theatre, so I continue to let the periodic wave crash over me. I then remember the dream somehow transferring to me being in a club. I was with some girl (I think Jenny) who was really excited to see the show. I never actually got to go inside the room and see who was playing, because I was too busy checking out the venue. A shadow from the window said it was called “168,” which I think stems from the bubble tea joint that I love. There was a man spraying fake snow on the window over the logo…I’m not too sure why. I really wish I would have seen who was playing since it’s a rare opportunity to see a concert in your dreams. I’d like to think it was Feist since she put on one of the best shows I’ve seen.
That’s about all I remember other than the fact that I was driving down a huge road on some kind of highway in the mountains. I like it when my dreams are beautiful, it gives me a refreshed faith in my creativity. I just wish I were that free when I was awake. All these things, all these places I create. How the hell do I do that? They come from this really intense part of me that I can’t really tap into when I am awake.

In other news, I gave the ring back.

Vampirates and Scrotums

I am currently having a troublesome concentration blockage. This is probably because I’ve been doing homework since 6:15 pm, and I only had made it home at 5:45 in time to eat. Nonstop Lmizzle. Man I am tired. I actually SWEAT while I work. I don’t really remember that ever happening before. I guess I was just hucking movies and selling coffe before. Not really what I’d call a hard day’s work. Now I’m running a city block just to get to the right ELEVATOR! Okay, I’m skinny, but I’m not in that great of shape, so I’m hustling my ass off to get work done, but I actually really enjoy it. Even when someone was yelling “STAT!” at me to get them something, I enjoyed it. I like looking around and seeing what goes where. I’ve never really had a good grasp on the layout of any building so large. What’s better is that I can go pretty much anywhere I want. It kind of makes me wish I had become a nurse…
A neighbor recognized me today while I was working…who knew?! This neighbor happens to own a dog that I hate because it wakes me up when I’m trying to sleep in with the same pitched “YIP!” for 45 minutes at a time, but nonetheless.
People are starting to mention product by name now and I actually know what they are talking about, which is sweet, because for the most part I don’t know what this stuff is all used for!
Apparently my workplace is in dire need of large and extra large scrotal support. I wasn’t aware so many people were in need of a testicle holder! Apparently none of these men have small testicles either. It’s always, “I need a LARGE scrotal support!” or, “I need to exchange that large scrotal support for an EXTRA large scrotal support.” When exactly would you require scrotal support unless you had been operated on? Who knows…I have yet to venture to those floors…

I’d also like to mention the obscene amount and variety of catheters that are hanging around this place! WOW! What are the many uses you can use one of these things for?! Amazing!

Enough of my medical talk…but it’s pretty cool.

Hey everyone, you know what sucks?! MIDTERMS!!! Oh well, I suppose this is a small price to pay for the fact that I pretty much have no school in December thanks to no finals…

I’d also like to report that I had glow in the dark vampire teeth in my mouth for over 45 minutes on Friday.

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