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The Arcade Fire, The Bell Orchestre and Wolf Parade

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Live It Out

Okay, so my verdict on the new Metric album: RAD. I’ve heard some people really don’t like this album as compared to their first album, “Old world, where are you now?” What do I have to say to this? Well I think Xray summed it up best when he said something to the effect of, “People need to get over their Weezer syndrome of wanting every album to be just like the album that they heard when they ‘discovered’ the band.”
It’s been 2 years. Metric are older now, and their tasts and some of their style has probably changed. As delicious to the ear as the first album is, I’ve been listening to it for two years and was happy to feast my eardrums on this conucopia of synth, drum, rockin’ guitar, and beautiful harmony. The album starts with “Empty” a seemingly gentle song compared to the quick beats of “Old world underground” from the last album. The song moves from a slow, whispering ballad to a rock-your-socks-off eargasm and back again. Tempo change songs are sweet as candy. My other album fave is “Poster of a girl,” which features a warped keyboard and a sweet whisper of french lyrics between the chorus. I’d have to say my favorite song is “The police and the private.” It sounds like the older Metric material with simple chords, clever lyrics, and the dreamiest hook I’ve heard since The Arcade Fire’s, “Crown of Love.” It’s like feasting on a really good piece of pie while it’s raining. Sort of like a warm blanket for the ears.

All and all I’d say get out and get this album. I’ve been listening to it for about 6 hours now, and all I feel is rad.

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