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Snow much for the weather

It’s snowing in C-town. I think the high for today is like 5. The snow was big and fluffy and got caught in my hair. Apparently it looked rad; I just imagine people think I have big dandruff, but then I get to wondering how terrible it’d be if someone had dandruff that big.

This week is going to be sweet.

The Arcade Fire is playing on Wednesday with The Bell Orchestre and Wolf Parade.
Metric AND Broken Social Scene have new albums out tomorrow!
Feist is playing on Saturday with New Buffalo and Jason Collet.
Thanksgiving is coming up (okay, I don’t eat meat, but I like family dinners, and okay, my mom is going out of town, but I think that just makes the weekend even better!)
and I’m engaged!!!

Okay, I also have no reason to post this photo other than the fact that it’s AWESOME.

In celebration of it being my favorite month (HALLOWEEN!!!) I am going to continue the rest of this blog in orange.

We had this kid who I will refer to as The Anarchist (because his name is Steve as well, it’s a Steve epidemic!) in my Board Governance class. He talks. A LOT. Normally, I would just think you’re trying to gain insight into course content by talking a lot in class, you know, getting the most bang for your college dollar. This is not the case with The Anarchist. He just goes on and on and on about NOTHING. It’s really amazing! Today he gave the class a 20 minute lecture on what a consensus is. I KNOW WHAT A CONSENSUS IS, in fact, the class has come to a consensus that you sound like a fuckass whenever you talk and none of us listen anymore, because if we did, we’d all be laughing at you.

He is an anarchist who likes being organized and who brags about being part of several grassroots organizations as if anyone who works for a large npro is a Satanist. WTF?!

I think I know what I’m going to be for Halloween: A PIRATE! It’s really just an excuse to keep talking like a pirate past “talk like a pirate day.”

Oh yeah, and Happy Endings is a crazy hella good movie. WATCH IT! NOW!

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